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Next Generation IP Access Control

  The Engineering team at Hartmann Controls has worked very hard to deliver what is being reviewed as the best access control system on the market. PROTECTOR.Net is a new innovative Access Control System from its slick web-based software utilizing the latest Microsoft Technologies to its all new patented hardware using the latest chipsets for increased reliability and performance.

  • HTML5 Web Interface: Responsive interface makes access control a breeze
  • Unique controllers: Over the door modules with integrated REX capability
  • Modern Connectivity: True IP Devices, Entirely POE powered and provide optional lock power
  • On Board LCD: Built in LCD provides easy configuration and diagnostics right from the controller
  • Reduced Wiring: Only a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable is required to be pulled from the nearest drop to the opening. All devices at the opening will be powered off the Protector.Net controller with the exception of Door Openers and externally powered devices like alarms, strobes, sirens etc.
  • Video Integration: VMS integration with several leading VMS vendors. Linking of Access Control events to Video Playback.

Revolutionary New Patented Hardware with New Cutting Edge Web-Based Software

The Hardware

The PRS ( 2-8 Door Controller )

Extremely Flexible Installation Options Utilizing your Existing IT Infrastructure

  • 12VDC power daisy-chained connections to expansion modules - Maximum output per port 2.5A
  • Each expansion module equipped with two lock power outputs @12VDC, 500mA, and for dry outputs (TVS circuit limits 24V), 1A
  • No need for additional power supplies for door strikes
  • Designed to make retrofits seamless and cost effective
  • Simple scalability - expansion modules easily added

The Software

Action Control Engine

   Many years ago, the Protector 2 product line was one of the pioneers of the concept of Global Linking in access control systems. Our new Action Control Engine in the Protector.NET platform takes this to a whole new level.

  • High performance engine allows simultaneous action executions and scalability limited only by the hardware it’s running on
  • Intuitive, easy to use action plan editor allows you to create complex action plans in minutes
  • Mix and match over 40 customizable actions to create complex branching action plans to meet your business needs. Including HTTP requests, door overrides, SMS messaging and emails actions
  • Highly flexible action plans allow for variables and arithmetic operations with little programming or scripting knowledge required
  • Flexible trigger engine allows you to trigger action plans from door, input, output state changes, or trigger action plans upon scheduled times

Ace Solutions

  Hartmann Control's unique ACE solution provides you with the tools you need to resolve realworld problems for your customers. We've collected some of the creative solutions are dealers and in house team have come up with below.


Track and report employee truancy
  Ted Riker is a business owner who has 15 employees. They are expected to show up at 9am every weekday.


Card counting and limiting
  Fred Jones has a set of employees that he wants to restrict how many times their credentials will work each day.


Special action card to unlock communal rooms.
  A church has a handful of community rooms that get rented out several times a week.


Alternate door schedule weekly
  A factory has a set of doors to the factory floor that have unlock schedules during each shift, but the shifts alternate to nights
every other week.

   We designed ACE to be as flexible as possible and to help our dealers come up with creative solutions to their customers requirements. We are excited to see what type of unique ideas you come up with.

We Put The Power In Your Hands.

Microsoft® Active Directory Integration

  • Integration with LDAP providers such as Active Directory (AD)
  • Import and automatically synchronize AD users based on Security Group membership
  • Give permissions to Doors/Floors based on Security Group membership
  • Automatically revoke access to Doors/Floors when AD users are disabled or expired
  • Import user credentials directly from AD User Attribute Fields

Video Integration - With Multiple Simultaneous NVR's

The Features

  • Integration with leading VMS systems: Digital Watchdog, exacqVision, Milestone, Hikvision and Vicon.
  • Supports Pan-tilt-zoom(PTZ) controls including setting and recalling presets.
  • Associate Doors and Elevators to Cameras to view historical playback from reports.
  • Configurable inline camera view that switches between cameras based on configurable events


  Using a variety of the latest web technologies, we are able to integrate with the leading web-enabled VMSes on the market.

  The Camera Matrix allows you to view multiple cameras from different VMSes simultaneously on the same page. Being fully responsive like the rest of PROTECTOR.Net, you can easily view cameras on mobile devices with exacq, Milestone and DW Spectrum(Android Only).

  With our Global Action Engine, we can push events back to the VMS or email camera snapshots when configured events occur, when supported by VMS.


Typical Installation Example Door-Installation-Example

Extremely Flexible Installation Options Utilizing your Existing IT Infrastructure

  • Backs onto a Microsoft SQL database
  • SSL 128bit transport security ensures all web transmissions are kept confidential and your information protected.
  • Multi-threaded, asynchronous, service-based Communication Server allows for optimal use of system resources and increased scalability.
  • Connect field panels via TCP/IP (PoE) network allowing installation to use existing network infrastructure.
  • Fully distributed hardware meaning each controller runs independent of communication back to server making sure your credentials and doors operate as programmed regardless of your network state.
Connection Examples PC Direct 2-Controllers-PoE-Router 2-Controllers-POE-Switch-Router 2-Controllers-2-PoE-Switch-Router Controller-PoE-Injector-Router

PROTECTOR.Net Topology Overview with ASSA Abloy Aperio

  Hartmann Controls has partnered with ASSA Abloy in order to fully integrate PROTECTOR.Net with their Aperio family of devices. The Hartmann HCAperio controller interfaces directly via Cat5e/6 cable to one or more Aperio Hubs; each hub can in turn interface wirelessly with up to 8 locking devices.

  • The HC-Aperio8 will support up to 8 locking devices via 1 to 4 Aperio hubs.

  From a programming perspective, the integration is seamless and Administrators simply see each device as another access point on the system.

  By combining the Aperio system with the PROTECTOR.Net, our customers get the full benefit of all the PROTECTOR.Net features and performance while gaining extra flexibly in where and what devices can be controlled. For further information on the ASSA Abloy Aperio product line please see the following link. Assa Abloy

Full Aperio Integration Topology

Protector.Net Aperio System Topology

Multi-Site with Aperio Integration

Protector.Net Aperio System Topology

PROTECTOR.Net Sales Literature

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Readers and Peripherals

The PROTECTOR.Net platform is compatible with a wide variety of readers and peripherals. For More information please visit our Readers and Peripherals Page

If you have a question as to whether a specific reader, credential, REX or other device will work with our PROTECTOR.Net system please Contact Us

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