• PROTECTOR.NET Completely Redefining Physical Access Control


      PROTECTOR.NET is changing the way Access Control is installed. Hartmann Controls introduces the Patent Pending ODM 2. The benefits of this arrangement unarguably make this the best access control hardware on the market to date.
    Please read on to see why you should strongly consider this innovative access control system for any future access control solutions. PROTECTOR.NET

  • Supported Locally, Recognized Globally

    Our systems have been installed in facilities all around the world including commercial, educational, institutional, military and government.

    Map of countries that have installed Hartmann Control Systems
    United States
  • Flexible Installation Easy Operation

    Multiple systems with several topologies.

      Systems designed to control a single door with a handful of users via hardwire, to hundreds of buildings, thousands of users controlling doors, elevators, and Input/Outputs, communicating via TCP/IP, Wireless 802.11 b/g, USB, RS422, as well as dialup. All our systems allow for expansion as your company grows.

  • Why Choose Hartmann Controls

    Hartmann Controls Open Access Control Panel

      With over 10 years of proven excellence in product development and customer satisfaction Hartmann Controls has positioned itself as a first class manufacturer of Access Control.

      Hartmann Controls is an engineering driven company. We utilize customer feedback and a strong engineering team to provide a product that has no equal in the industry. We differentiate by investing more in development than any of our competitors.

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  Hartmann Controls is a 100% North American privately owned design and manufacturer of top quality access control products. Established in 1998 with an installation base that spans thousands of sites over several countries.

  No matter what type of installation you require you can be certain the Hartmann team will do everything they can to provide you with a product you will gladly recommend to others. Word of mouth has fuelled our growth over the years and our mandate is to keep it that way. With so many larger bureaucratic companies isn't it nice to know companies still exist where customer service comes first.


Access Control Solutions

    All Hartmann Controllers are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Canada. This provides us with full control and customization of our lines, unlike many other manufacturers on the market today who only design software and purchase third party panels.
Our Production Factory is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where we have been manufacturing our products for more than 10 years. Review Company Info

Innovative Patent Pending POE Access Control Solution

    After over 15 years in the marketplace Hartmann Controls has revolutionized the industry again by producing the first all in one Request to Exit Motion and Access Controller. This incredibly innovative product shines above the competition and can only be considered in a class of its own.   For a brief introduction on this new product please see PROTECTOR.NET for Small to Large Commercial

ODM Panel

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